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Annual Compliance Package (Records)- Private Limited Company

{to cover statutory secretarial records of a private limited company in a financial year}

Price available on request

A private limited company is required to maintain several mandatory records and registers in line with provisions of Companies Act, 2013. However, it is a common occurrence that many companies are unable to fulfil this requirement thereby resulting in heavy penalties and in many cases prosecution also. With our annual compliance records package, you can completely focus on your business without worrying about the compliance. We will maintain your secretarial records for the financial year.

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Package Includes

(only includes the drafting of documents mentioned hereinafter and does not include any filing; for filing please take annual compliance package for private limited companies additionally)

directors annual compliance (MBP-1 & DIR-8)

notice of board meetings

notice of AGM/ EGM

minutes of all meetings

directors report

statutory registers

updation of statutory registers

Information required

We will require information for drafting all the mentioned documents like names of directors, addresses, number of shares held, resolutions required to be passed in board meetings, financial statements etc. or any other information that may be required.


Our simple and robust process enables you to comply with this statutory requirement by click of a button. You just need to provide us required information and make payment. Thereafter, we will take care of the rest. We will prepare all your documents and keep a track of secretarial records of your company.

Note :-

  • Exact chares will depend upon scope/ quantum of work
  • Charges are payable in advance.