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Due Diligence of Company

{required by investors both Indian or foreign, banks, financial institutions etc. for lending or investment in a company}

Price available on request

50% payable in advance and 50% upon completion

A Due-Diligence is a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of a company including but not limited to its financial health, outstanding loans and liabilities, properties owned and mortgaged, charges created on its assets, any ongoing investigation/ inquiry/ legal proceedings, compliance with rules and regulations etc. Investors insist for a due-diligence report before taking a decision regarding making an investment in the company. Similarly, banks or financial institutions also require this report before advancing any loans to companies.


A Due-Diligence report is usually required by following-



Investors are very keen on this report so as to know about the composition of company, financial health, liquidity and state of its compliances. A due-diligence report is a pre-requisite for making an investment in Indian company.



Banks are always interested to know about the financial health of company/ individual who approaches for a loan, credit, overdraft or similar facility.


Proposed director

It is useful for a person intending to be a director in a company to know about the current directors and complete history of the company.


Any other purpose

A due-diligence report will be useful in other cases wherein a decision regarding advancing any funds to a company is to be taken.

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We will require information based on the scope of areas to be covered in report. Our dedicated professional will get in touch with you and explain the whole process, information required from your end and charges payable. You just need to provide us the information and make payment. Thereafter, we will give you a detailed report based on the scope of work agreed.

Note :-

  • Timeline starts from receipt of complete and accurate documents/ information
  • Extra charges will apply for an early turnaround


We will provide you high quality and efficient Due-Diligence at a friendly cost. Our name embodies our commitment. Take our word- your work is in safe hands. Entrust your Due-Diligence process to Legal Dost and we will empower you in making a sound investment decision.