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Secretarial Documents
Agenda For 1st Quarter Board Meeting Of Company Download
Appointment Letter Of Company Secretary Download
Appointment Letter Of Director Download
Appointment Letter To Auditor Download
Consent Letter By Company Secretary Download
Consent Letter By Director DIN-2 Download
Consent letter From Auditor Download
Disclosure Of Interest By Director To Company MBP-1 Download
Notice Of Disqualification By Director To Company DIR-8 Download
Resignation Letter Of Company Secretary Download
Resignation Letter Of Director Download
Board Resolutions
Allotment Of Equity Shares Download
Allotment Of Preference Shares Download
Appointment Of Annual Accounts Of Company Download
Appointment Of Annual Return Download
Appointment Of Company Secretary Of Company Download
Appointment Of Director In Company Download
Appointment Of Statutory Auditor Of Company Download
Approval Of Directors Report Download
Approval Of Notice Of Annual General Meeting Download
Authority To Execute An Agreement Download
Authority To Increase Authorized Share Capital Download
Calling Of Annual General Meeting Download
Change Of Bank Account Signatories Of Company Download
Change Of Address Letter Download
Employee Confirmation Letter Download
Employee Disciplinary Enquiry Letter Download
Employee Resignation Letter Download
Employee Training Letter Download
Employment Offer Letter Download
Loan Approval Letter Download
Legal Notices
Cheque Bouncing Notice Download
Notice For Breach Of Agreement Download
Notice For Breach Of Service Download
Notice for Recovery Of Outstanding Money Download

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