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General Power of Attorney

{For delegation of power to perform some general acts on behalf of the principal}


A person is required to execute various documents on his/ her behalf both in personal as well as business capacity. There may be circumstances like travelling, sickness, being abroad or like when a person is unable to execute these documents personally. In such circumstances, the most usual method is to execute a power of attorney.



What is a General Power of Attorney?

A General Power of Attorney (GPA) is a document through which an authority to perform a task on behalf of the principal is given to another person called Attorney. GPA is not specific in nature and is generally executed by a person to confer authority to perform banking, financial, legal etc. tasks.  

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Essentials of General Power of Attorney

  • grantor should be 18 years of age and competent to contract
  • generalization of powers with regard to subject matter
  • should be in writing
  • all pages should be signed by the Grantor/ Executant
  • should be signed by two witnesses
  • should be notarized

Note :-

  • Draft template will be provided in soft copy
  • Extra charges will apply for customized document