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Secretarial Audit

{required for all listed companies and certain other companies}

Price available on request

What is a Secretarial Audit?

Secretarial Audit is an audit to check compliance of various laws including Companies Act and other corporate and economic laws applicable to a company. It expresses an opinion as to whether adequate processes are in place to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It also helps in detecting non-compliances and taking preventive action thereon.


Applicable on which companies

  • all listed companies
  • all public companies with paid up share capital of Rs. 50 crore and more or turnover of Rs. 250 crore and above
  • any company on voluntary basis

Who will conduct the Secretarial Audit?

A Company Secretary in practice will conduct the secretarial audit.


Areas/ laws covered

  • Companies Act 2013 
  • Securities Contract Regulation Act
  • Depositories Act 
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • SEBI Regulations 
  • Secretarial records
  • Other laws applicable to company


Get in Touch

Information required

Based on your requirement, our onboard Company Secretary in practice will get in touch with you and provide you a checklist of the documents required once the scope of secretarial audit is agreed.


Our simple and robust process enables you to comply with this statutory requirement by click of a button. You just need to provide us required information and make payment. Thereafter, we will take care of the rest. Our on-board Company secretary in practice will get in touch with you, agree on scope of the audit, timelines and applicable charges. You will need to pay 50% charges in advance. Once we receive the payment, we will start the audit work. Upon completion of the audit, you need to pay the balance 50% and thereafter we will provide you with the detailed Audit report.

Note :-

  • Timeline starts from receipt of complete information
  • Extra charges will apply for quick turnaround