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Service Agreement

{Defines service to be provided by service provider to user along with terms and conditions of service}


A Service Agreement is an agreement between a service provider and customer that outlines the service to be provided along with terms and conditions underlying such service. This Agreement records the terms of service agreed between the service provider and customer. It specifies broad terms like service to be provided, performance, charges, timelines, responsibilities of parties, guarantees and warranties etc. This agreement ensures that the terms are properly recorded and parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities thereon.

When is a Service Agreement required?

Service Agreement is normally required in case of provision of any form of services. Some examples are-

  • IT related services
  • admin jobs
  • online website related services
  • software maintenance services
  • travel related services
  • housekeeping services
  • maintenance related services
  • security services

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Benefits of executing Service Agreement

  • well defined relationship
  • scope of work of service provider clearly defined

Note :-

  • Draft template will be provided in soft copy
  • Extra charges will apply for customized document